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Hopleys Open Web Steel Joists® may be powder coated in a range of fashion colours to make them a design feature on internal applications.

Section Properties

Joist TypeChord AreaJoist MassRadius of GyrationMoment of Intertia
HJ150 288mm2 2.70kg/m ry=20.0mm lx = 1.52 x 106mm4
HJ200 288mm2 2.89kg/m ry=20.0mm lx = 2.82 x 106mm4
HJ250 288mm2 3.04kg/m ry=20.0mm lx = 4.52 x 106mm4
HJ300 288mm2 3.11kg/m ry=20.0mm lx = 6.62 x 106mm4
HB300 606mm2 6.00kg/m ry=19.6mm lx = 9.70 x 106mm4
HB350 606mm2 6.10kg/m ry=19.6mm lx = 13.9 x 106mm4
HB400 606mm2 6.20kg/m ry=19.6mm lx = 18.9 x 106mm4
HB450 606mm2 6.30kg/m ry=19.6mm lx = 24.5 x 106mm4

Structural Joists

Additional to our Standard range, Hopleys can also design and manufacture customised Large Span Trusses to suit your specific application in a range of widths and depths.

Hopleys large span beams generally feature DuraGal® rectangular hollow sections, which means extra strength and superior corrosion protection.

Should you require any further information or advice, please contact our Engineer.


The obvious advantages over timber products are stability without warping or shrinking, a lack of costly off cuts and ease of handling during construction.