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Hopleys Open Web Steel Joists are a range of lightweight, fully steel joists which can be used in a variety of applications including sub-floors, first floors, roofs, sheds, lean-to’s, carports and more. Made from galvanised high strength steel, they have good corrosion protection, won't shrink, warp or twist and come complete with pre-punched, fully engineered brackets to make installation easy from the installation professional to the home handyman.

Hopleys’ steady growth has been based on mechanical and structural engineering skills, backed up by first class craftsmanship.

During the 1970’s when the building and construction industries were experiencing a rapid growth, prefabrication suddenly became a high growth opportunity. Faster, more economical time saving components were required on building and construction sites.

Hopleys, the metal building products division of Hunt Engineering identified the opportunity for the development of a light weight steel joist. The result of the research and development was a unique open web steel joist, made from light weight, high grade steel, galvanised for corrosion protection.
Having taken the decision to produce and market joists, Hopleys set about designing and building special rolling and welding equipment and set up production facilities.

Modern fasteners, such as self taping screws, along with versatile tools were by then readily available and widely in use. These, together with specially designed standard fittings greatly enhanced the ease of installation.

Hopleys steel joists are manufactured from light weight galvanised steel for durability and require little or no maintenance. Their obvious advantages over timber products are stability without warping or shrinking, lack of costly offcuts and ease of handling during construction. These characteristics afford the ease of modular design for enhanced strength plus a pleasing appearance when exposed.

The HJ range comes in standard heights of 150mm, 200mm, 250mm & 300mm. The HB range comes in standard heights of 300mm, 350mm, 400mm & 450mm as well as ‘made to order’ specials as requirements dictate, and are manufactured to any length required.

The open web design permits ready access for all pass through services, such as pipes and cables. The unique design has no sharp edges or surfaces which adversely affect these services. They offer flat surfaces for easy seating and fixing of ceilings and flooring. They also offer easy man handling, low cartage and crane costs and are an economical, strong alternative to conventional timber and rolled steel beams.


The obvious advantages over timber products are stability without warping or shrinking, a lack of costly off cuts and ease of handling during construction.