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High Quality, Cost-Effective, Rectangular Tanks. Standard or Custom Design


Rectangular Galvanised & Stainless Steel Panel Tanks

Rectangular Tanks: Galvanised - Stainless Steel - Portable Water - Waste Water - Fire Protection.

The "RP" range of Rectangular Panel Tanks are designed to a construction method, which has the flexibility to meet all customer applications.

"RP" Tank final sizing and volumes can be designed to fit into most difficult applications or can be manufactured to replace existing tanks in tight locations that are no longer easily accessible.

Standard tank panels are 2m long x 1m wide, externally bolted with high tensile, Grade 8.8 bolts and nuts.

The RP range also includes non-standard size panels to meet specific design requirements.

Internally bolted T-shape & L-shape tank designs are also available for very tight room applications.

The RP range includes, liner fitted models + gasket sealed designs (maximum height 8m).

Gasket sealant is a high grade Polymer sealant approved for use in AS4020 applications.

Roof sheeting is Dualclad Zincalume or similar approved and sealed at the edges to provide proofing against vermin.

RP tanks come complete with bracing rods and cleats to suit tank sizing.

All ladders and plumbing fittings comply with all relevant codes, including AS1657 for fixed platforms and ladders, and AS3500 for plumbing related items.

High quality stainless steel tanks for the fire, plumbing and other industrial markets.

Tank Industries also manufacture high quality stainless steel tanks for the fire, plumbing and all other industrial applications.

"RP-SS” series stainless steel rectangular panel tanks have many applications and uses and are designed to meet the specific requirements of each customer's unique situation.

The versatility of RP-SS tanks allows for tailored size and dimensions that are specifically designed to fit into every problematical application. In addition the "RP-SS" series can be manufactured for hard-to-access sites or to replace existing tanks in constricted locations.

Construction of the tank panels feature external bolting with high tensile, Grade 8.8 bolts and nuts, plus internally bolted design options are available upon request.

Grade 304 and 316 material options are available.

Dualclad Zincalume sheeting is used in the roof construction, which is sealed at the edges to prevent vermin access.

As with all products in the Tank Industries\' range, Australian Standards are applied throughout the manufacturing and construction process, including the sealant, which is a high grade Polymer approved for use in potable water applications.

Sealing gaskets are a high density PVC 6mm thick and compressible to a minimum of 50%.

Internal construction of the tank includes stainless steel bracing rods and cleats sized to our engineers' specifications appropriate to the height to width dimensions of the tank.

Minimum tolerances as approved by Tank Industries' engineers will be applied to both horizontal and vertical seams.

All fixed platforms and ladders are designed to AS1657, and all plumbing items will comply with AS3500.


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