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Innovative Design, High Quality Fabrication, Neat Appearance and Light Weight Construction


Commercial Projects

Typical industrial applications include mezzanine and multi-level flooring, conveyor decks, catwalks, stages, platforms, workrooms and storage rooms.

Some typical commercial applications include office mezzanines, raised floors, showrooms, computer floors and raised storage areas.

They offer a flat easy to mount surface, with good load bearing characteristics and high durability.

The open web design also allows access for pass through services, reducing the overall floor thickness.

The 'HB' Range can be doubled up, when required, to provide structural members which can be hidden within the floor thickness, eliminating unsightly bulkheads.

If you are not familiar with Span Tables please contact your Hopley's Representative for clarification.

Mezzanine Floors / Light Industrial Workrooms / Storage up to 2.4m high / General Industrial Mezzanines.



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The obvious advantages over timber products are stability without warping or shrinking, a lack of costly off cuts and ease of handling during construction.