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Steel Bolted, Modular Panel,
Water Storage Tanks


Circular Tanks

Circular Tanks: Treatment Plants - Fire Protection - Mining - Processing - Water Authorities - Power Stations - Construction - Government Utilities - Specialist Applications.

Tank Industries, with the support of Hunt Engineering & Staff P/L and its resources, are able to produce cost effective tanks of standard or custom design, in a choice of materials and finishes to suit most applications.

Tanks comprise of steel sheets in Galvabond G2 Z275 to AS1397, prefabricated panels, steel framework, hoops, cleats, internal/external ladders and hand rails are all hot dip galvanised.

Tank roofs are a low pitch construction with Galvabond open web beams, purlins and brackets, including 750mm square tank access manway, hinged lockable cover and safety platform. Roof sheeting materials are Dualclad Zincalume or Colourbond sheeting.

The tank level indicator is a "ball float" type, black numbers and red letters against a white background, "E" for empty at the top and "F" for full at the bottom. Indicator backing board and brackets are fabricated of Colourbond steel, positioned to suit the operation of the tank.

All tank pipe work penetrations are cleaned and sealed, all flanged Pipework connections to tanks are fastened with galvanised steel bolts and nuts. Lockable safety cages and intermediate platforms can be provided on all tank designs to AS1657.

Tank Foundations

Tank Industries have many foundation designs for their range of tanks and drawings can be provided upon request.

Certified designs are also available when site soil Geotechnical reports are provided.

Dedication to high quality and service has always been the philosophy and the basis for the success of Tank Industries.

Our range of liner tanks offers an economic solution to the water storage industry.

These tanks are suitable for class A water storage, waste water, fire systems storage, building usage applications, agriculture, aquaculture, mining, process and trade waste.

Liners are available in a range of PVC and reinforced Elvaloy materials, all rated to AS4020.

Our range of liner tanks are designed and manufactured from galvanised sheeting, pre-punched for easy erection.

Horizontal circular stiffening is with Hot Dip Galvanised angle hoop rings.

Liners are fitted to full tank height, and secured on the top edge of each tank with eyelets.

Geotextile underlay is fitted to the underside of the liner for additional protection.

Liners can be supplied to offer up to a 10-year warranty (based on application).


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